Spiritual Crisis – Don’t Panic

Voldemort had to return for Harry to defeat him.  Lord Vader had to turn to the dark side for Luke to save him.  The Vogons had to destroy earth for Arthur Dent to see the wonders of the universe for less than twenty Altarian dollars a day.  The darkest chapters in our favorite stories are where the turning point lies.  The same is true in life.

Spiritual Crisis

What does the darkest chapter in your life look like?  Did your parents disown you for getting pregnant?  Are you locked in a battle with your own body or mind and the doctors are out of answers or won’t listen?  Has it been so long since you felt joy that you can’t remember what it was like?  Have your addictions stopped holding the pain at bay?  Does this chapter feel like it’s never going to end?  Welcome to the spiritual crisis.

“What do you mean spiritual crisis?  I don’t even go to church.” I didn’t say crisis of faith (which might also be part of the experience).  I said spiritual crisis.  This is what happens when our connection to spirit or the source of our being becomes blocked, atrophied from lack of attention/intention, or flatly rejected in the aftermath of trauma or abuse.  That connection, whether we recognize it or not, is the pump putting fuel into our lives.  When it is interrupted, we start to experience fear, anxiety and sometimes even material and financial lack.

You’re OK

I know it doesn’t feel like it, but you ARE ok.  In fact, you’re better.  This is your soul’s fever breaking.  It doesn’t feel good.  Depending on how you are experiencing it, it may be downright terrifying.  You might think you’re going to go broke, lose your mind or even die.  Take a deep breath.  This is not the end.  You can and you will get through this with some help.

Moving Forward

For me, the first step in moving through this process was recognizing that the universe wasn’t affirming my feelings of lack and fear through my circumstances.  It was simply giving me exactly what I was “asking” for.  When we dwell on any particular thought energy or emotional energy, we give it a kind of momentum.  We stoke the fire.  In doing so, we are, in essence, asking for more of this in our lives.

If the person you loved most asked you for something, and it was easily within your power and inclination to grant that request, wouldn’t you do it joyously?  Well, you ARE the person who is most loved and God (regardless of your belief system, we’re talking about the Source of your being here) delights in granting your requests.  If you focus your mental and emotional energy on HAVING wealth (for example), wealth comes easily and effortlessly.  That’s why the “rich get richer and the poor get  poorer.”

If, however, your energy is focused on how dismal you feel or how many problems you have, guess what you’re going to receive.  “Well, there’s a lot of dismal stuff in my life!  How do I stop feeling it?”  The answer is, you don’t.  You just stop dwelling on it.  Acknowledge your circumstances for what they are, and then drop into your amazing imagination and create a vision of what you want instead (money, time, energy, experiences, relationships, anything!).  Then breathe that vision into your heart and give yourself permission to genuinely feel what it would be like to have it.  Beam that feeling, that emotional constellation, outward in prayer, meditation or visualization (whichever is most comfortable for you).

Clearing the Path

In order for your vision to take form, you’ll have to let go of the old “dismal” vision.  Imagine these circumstances like a series of rumble strips on the road.  They were just there to make sure you’re not asleep at the wheel.  As you wake up and look forward, you’ll see the grand vista that the road-builders didn’t want you to miss.  The future of your dreams awaits just as soon as you stop grousing about the rough road and keep moving!

Once you’ve recognized the rumble strips for what they are, you may still need to move through the last of them.  How long this takes depends entirely on you.  You see, it’s your focus on the dismal that keeps putting more rumble strips in front of you.  How do I know?  Because even as I write this I’m rattling my teeth out on the road that I’ve created for myself.  But with the help of some beautiful souls that have come to my aid (a kind of spiritual AAA) I’m working towards that freshly paved highway, homeward bound.

The “Secret”

“Wait a minute, this is just basic law of attraction stuff.  I thought you said something about a spiritual awakening?”  That’s right.  I did.  And this is the first step in that process.  When you’re able to meet your physical needs by “asking” and receiving, that connectedness to the source of your being will allow you to leave the highway altogether and take to the skies.  Imagine if all your needs were met without any time or effort on your part.  What would you do?  What is it that your heart longs to do?  What is that ache in the core of your being that demands your attention?  That’s your destination!  Buckle up!


If I can offer you some assistance on the journey (breathing into being “OK”, moving forward into a new vision, clearing the path of old beliefs) please Contact Us.  It’s time to make the most important investment of your life…you!