Soul Healing

Regardless of one's particular religious belief or upbringing, there comes a time in some people's lives when they go through a kind of crisis of spirit.  This can be a very scary transition to go through, and mainstream religious institutions often lack the tools to be able to help in these circumstances, but books and websites often seem a little too "out there."  Loved ones will tell you to pray harder or to try harder to be "good," but the reality of your experience is rarely that simple.  We can help the client to come face to face with their own spirit and develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with themselves and the divine in whatever form they might experience it.



How does hypnotherapy differ from "regular" therapy?  Talk therapy is great for allowing a client to see and consciously change choices being made on the conscious level.  However one can't rationalize one's way out of a problem that wasn't created rationally.  This is where hypnotherapy allows us to reach the programming built up over one's lifetime and begin to evaluate and shift that programming to allow real and lasting change in those areas where conscious choice isn't enough.

The client generally sits or lies comfortably on a sofa and is gently guided into a relaxed state through breathing and visualization techniques.  Then the client's positive resources such as their spiritual beliefs, self-confidence and sense of belonging are identified and intensified to provide a kind of emotional safety net for the session.  Only when the client feels safe and ready to proceed are they led through the age regression process to identify the source of the issue and begin to heal it.

Life Coaching

Using many of the same techniques as in hypnotherapy, the client's focused intention and attention can be brought to bear on the trajectory of his or her life.  In much the same way as professional athletes and performers use visualization to envision their success, the hypnotic state can be used to identify the desired course of events and begin to steer circumstances in that direction.


How do I get started?

You can click here to book a consultation over the phone or in person.  Your consultation fee will be credited against your first full session.