You’re Grounded

Sit for just a moment and take a deep breath.  How long does it take before something inside of you drives you to do, move or change something?  What is the motivation behind that something?  Are you filled with the passion and desire to make a change that will make you and the world happier, or is there guilt and shame about who/what/where you are in your life that you are covering up by trying to be or do something more?


Allow your body to get comfortable.  Feel yourself supported by whatever you are sitting or reclining on.  Take a deep breath and envision it coming up from the earth, through your spine to your heart.  Hold it there for a moment.  As you exhale see it rising up from your heart, through your spine and out through the top of your head.  Continue to repeat this process as you read on.


Each time your breath fills your heart, notice the thoughts and emotions that come up.  Notice the sensations that these thoughts and emotions produce in your body.  Notice any desire to change these thoughts, emotions and sensations.  Notice any thoughts, emotions or sensations that arise from this desire to change.  Notice any judgments you may have about yourself as a result of these thoughts, emotions, sensations and desires.


You are not the thoughts, but the thinker.  You are not the emotions, but the feeler.  You are not the sensations, but the sensor.  You are not the desire, but the desirer.  You are not the breath, but the breather.  You are not the experience, but the one who experiences.  You are not the life, but the one who lives.  You are not the body, but the shining soul.


With curiosity, look at the thoughts.  See them floating through the sky of your awareness.  Some may look friendly.  Some may look ominous.  Read the message in them.  All of them.  With curiosity, look at the emotions.  See them rising and falling like waves on the sea of your experience.  Some feel gentle and playful.  Some feel vast and uncontrollable.  Sense the purpose in them.  All of them.  With curiosity, look at the sensations.  See them blowing past like sand on the beach of your physical being.  Some caress you gently.  Some pelt you painfully.  Play in the sand.  All of it.  With curiosity, look at the desires.  See them flickering in the flame of your will.  Some warm and comfort you.  Some burn you and surround you in smoke.  Dance around the flames.  All of them.


Allow the thought clouds that will bring you what you most need to rain on you.  Allow the emotional waves to wash up from the depths that which will serve you best.  Allow the sensation sand to form patterns that speak to you of your own beauty.  Allow the desire fire to consume what stands in the way of living the wealth of good within you.  Allow what once overwhelmed you, to be that which feeds your soul.


From this perspective, everything inside and outside of you is neither good nor bad.  It is neither free nor in bondage.  It produces neither pain nor pleasure.  The voices within and without neither praise nor condemn.  Reach out and touch the earth, the floor, the chair or the nearest solid object.  Allow this simple gesture to be a surrendering of all the ways in which you have pushed, manipulated and abused yourself.  Surrender the need to become, and simply be.  You’re grounded.  Grounded is where you belong, dear one, because you’re a seed.  All that’s left to do is to allow growth to happen.


If you’re looking for some help in your spiritual practice, making changes in your life or healing soul wounds, please feel free to contact us.  Wherever you are in the world, the help that you’re ready to accept is never far away.