Emotional Reactions and the Fourth Dimension

Your emotional body spans the whole of space and time.  Right now you’re thinking: “Huh?”  Allow me to elaborate…


We’re all familiar with what we perceive as three dimensional reality.  When you look at a friend, a pet, a kitchen table, etc. you perceive the object as having height, width and length.  It does, however, have more dimensions, and the one we are looking at here is the dimension commonly called “time” or more accurately “duration”.  That friend/pet/etc. has a beginning and an end, and if you could somehow step outside of time you would see a long snake-like object, with conception at one end and destruction at the other.

The Emotional Experience

“Okay, but where are you going with this?”  Have you ever been in a situation where your emotional reaction was severely out of proportion with the circumstances?  Perhaps your meal was burnt and you went into a fit of rage.  Or maybe a friend didn’t reply to your text and you felt overcome by grief, sadness or even abandonment.  Of course, we’ve all had this happen to us.  It’s such a common occurrence that we don’t even give it a second thought most of the time.  But sometimes the reactions are so out of proportion that we hurt ourselves or others, and often there is a lot of shame, guilt and judgment that follows because “I should know better.”  What you need to understand is that you can’t be expected to “know better” if you don’t understand what’s actually going on.

The reason these reactions are so out of proportion is that the emotional self doesn’t experience time the way the conscious mind does. You and I experience time with our conscious mind as a series of still images in sequence, much the same way a film is shown frame-by-frame on a projector, but our emotional selves tie together all of the frames that share the same emotional signature.  Whenever we experience one of those emotional signatures, we are actually experiencing the emotional impact of every frame with the corresponding signature and reinforcing any assumptions, conclusions or decisions that we may have developed as a result.

Time Travelling

“That actually makes sense, but what can I do about it?”  Once we are aware of how our emotional selves experience time, we can actually use this to our advantage and begin to heal past trauma (and sometimes future trauma, but that’s a whole different article) by changing its emotional signature.  In hypnotherapy, we help the client to access a recent moment that carried an emotional trigger and then follow the energetic link to the origin of that particular emotional signature.  Once the client becomes aware of the source of the emotion, they can bring their mental, physical and spiritual resources to bear on the past situation and actually heal all of the “frames” where this emotional signature has touched their experience.

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