$75.00 30 minutes

Not all hypnotherapy is about changing behaviors or processing memories. Sometimes the subtler parts of our being, the emotional energies that flow like blood inside and all around us, become wounded by the traumas of life’s journey. You may have consciously chosen to forgive someone who hurt you, but that doesn’t mean the wounds are healed. You may have broken free of a parasitic relationship, but that doesn’t mean the accounts are settled. Using a light state of hypnosis along with some guided visualization I will assist and empower you to take back the parts of yourself you may not have realized you lost, just as medicine healers have been doing for thousands of years. There is no need for strange rituals or animal sacrifices. Just a recognition of the spiritual, emotional and energetic structures that underpin all creation and of your essential oneness with them.

Available only in the state of Minnesota.

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